Bruce Koppenhaver(non-registered)
Paid for pictures on 1/24/20 and still no pictures. Girls name was Karrina.
Daniel Karpouzian(non-registered)
Did this 01/26, paid cash, no email
Cynthia Jenkins(non-registered)
My husband and I really enjoyed our trip to Stingray City on December 19, 2019! We purchased the group of photos taken during our trip, but have not yet received an email with the link to collect them. I've looked in the folders for the day of our trip, but don't see them anywhere on this site. I'm upset that I haven't yet received the pictures that we paid for during on the Amazon. The photographer was Karina.
Angela Walzel(non-registered)
Our pictures were purchased on December 4th during our Sting Ray excursion and I still have not received them. I have emailed them 3 times with no response. While we enjoyed the trip I am very upset we have not received the pictures we paid for
Jill Halliday
Great day out and fab photos! There was a misunderstanding when my pictures were not received my email initially and I paid online to get them but the company were very helpful and refunded the online payment.
Edgar Pinzon(non-registered)
Don't know if I wrote my email correctly see below and send me pictures purchase at email below. Tour personnel was great thank you
Edgar Pinzon
Rex Meadows(non-registered)
We enjoyed the trip to Stingray City despite the winds and high tide. We got knocked around a little but Algieo who is a short man was still able to get some awesome photos despite being underwater when a big wave washed over him. Our lifeguard was excellent as well as the rest of the crew. This was a one of a kind experience that I would recommend that everyone who visits the island take advantage of.
Victoria Hudgeons
Very good
Alex Pageau(non-registered)
Had a wonderful time at Stingray City, and glad we paid for the pictures! They were fantastic, and worth every penny. We received them by email before the cruise ship even returned to the US, and out of the nearly 500 pictures we took on vacation, these quickly became some of our favorite. Great service all around!
Thanks for a great experience,will remember forever. Nisha Richards was the best hostess and photographer thumbs up December 12th
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